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PRISM call for a s strategic review of legislative framework relating to contractors

Mon 15th Feb 2016
Trade body PRISM are calling for a review of all legislation in order to simplify the tax regime, and create a level playing field for workers in all sectors.
With 10% of the UK working population being employed in a flexible arrangement, which do not fit the traditional categories of employed or self-employed. Rather than continuing with a “sticking plaster approach” an entirely new solution is required, that is designed with the unique needs of flexible workers. PRISM boss Crawford Temple states “If we don't get a review, we are concerned about the threat to UK plc's flexible workforce.”
Crawford explains there are six key reasons for a review to take place
1. To create a system that is easier to understand
2. Allowance for differences in worker circumstances and different industries
3. Create fairness across industries
4. Making compliance easier
5. Clarity for the future of legislation
6. Clarity throughout the supply chain
“[We currently have] a domino rally of market distortions, as firms attempt to give employers and workers what they want while trying to follow rules that were never meant for them,” he added.
Calling for the intricacies of the labour market to be exposed so that they can be fully understood and legislated for as a whole, with “the overriding principle must surely be that the temporary worker has certainty and clarity over their tax affairs in the same way an employee, the self-employed or an entrepreneurial businessman does.” concludes Crawford Temple.
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