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Preparing your Tax Return

Mon 22nd May 2017
It’s now time to start thinking about your tax return and getting your paperwork in order. If you would like help completing your return, 2020 Accountancy offer a one-off service which is available to NWM clients.
2020 Accountancy use proven technology to ensure you have a clear view of what you can safely take out of the company, what you owe the taxman and that you are always on time and compliant with your HMRC and accounting submissions.
In order to help you complete your return, you will need to provide 2020 Accountancy with the following information:
Have you received personal income from any of the following sources?
• Other Employment within the tax year outside of your own Ltd Company (This includes employment where you have previously paid PAYE)
• Dividends received from your own Ltd Company
• Other UK Dividend Income
• Personal Bank/Building Society interest received net of tax
• Pensions Received
• Social Security Income
• Rental Income
• Capital Gains
• Business Income
• Child Benefit
• Reliefs and Deductions
Have you had any relief or deductions and claims from the following sources:
• Student Loans
• Married Couple's Allowance / Additional Personal Allowance (Only relevant if you or your partner were born before 6 April 1935)
• Personal Pension Payments - Payments made personally
• Gift Aid
You will also need to provide any other income or outgoings that you may think relevant in completing your Income Tax Return which may not have been mentioned above including foreign income and gains.
Once you have got the information together you can fill out this quick questionnaire on their website and they take care of everything else!
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