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Wed 5th Feb 2020

NWM's umbrella solution replaces the burden and inconsistency that comes with managing your contract payments with a regular income you can depend on.

As an employee of NWM, you're entitled to paid holiday, meaning you'll never be out of pocket when you take a well-deserved break. You're also covered by comprehensive insurance policies, so you're safe in the knowledge you have the right level of protection while working with us.

It's essential you know what's going on when it comes to your finances and obligations. Our team will send you regular text and email notifications to ensure you're always kept up-to-date. In addition you have 24/7 access to

your online account which provides information on all of your payments and tax contributions whenever you need it.

There are many reasons to work with an umbrella company, the ease of use when working is probably the main one! Here are a few of the benefits you experience when working under an umbrella company:

1. Payroll

Your payroll is being taken care of so you know you will always be paid on time.

2. Taxes

We manage your and National Insurance Contributions (NIC), so you won’t need to spend time swimming through paperwork.

3. Admin

We provide admin support, so all of the additional tasks that take up so much time are handled by us.

The decision between umbrella and limited is an important one. That's why the expert team at NWM is on-hand to provide unbiased, practical advice to identify the solution that suits your needs and goals. And with margins from as little as £5.75, it pays to go with NWM.

We have a wealth of experience gained from working alongside contractors for 20 years, so we can be confident that we can provide the exact level of support you need. Meaning you can be confident you're making the most of your contracts at all times.

Contact our expert team to find out more!

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