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NWM gets behind PRISM to halt the war on contractors

Thu 29th Oct 2015
PRISM have launched a campaign to urge MP’s to rethink the proposed T&S plans. And at NWM we want to urge everyone to get involved.
Prism CEO Crawford Temple said: "The taxman is going to war on temporary workers and contractors. These are people, for whom there is no normal commute as they move around different workplaces, sometimes working for dozens of companies a year over a wide area.”
Under the proposed plans the chancellor wishes to remove the ability to contractors to claim for Travel and Subsistence. This could cut the take-home pay of the average contractor by around 20 per cent from April 2016. The race is on to change the decision, as the autumn statement is now only a month away.
Contractors enjoy Travel and Subsistence relief on the costs incurred due to not having a permanent place of work. Typically contractors change work locations frequently, travel long distances to sites and miss out on the ability to cut travel costs through season tickets. Claiming T&S is one of the few benefits enjoyed by contractors who have ZERO job security, and helps to make contracting a sustainable working practice.
Under the YES2T&S, PRISM are asking contractors to write to their MP and ask them to help protect contractors by getting behind the Yes2TandS campaign and urge George Osborne to think again. PRISM has set up a dedicated section of their website. Visit the campaign here
to show your support and write to your MP for support.
PRISM are focused on proactively promoting and supporting the flexible workers market. They are a not-for-profit trade body working with organisations who deliver services to contractors in the UK.
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