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New Year New Start For Contractors

Mon 14th Jan 2019

January is usually a time for new starts and new beginnings, and it’s no different for contractors. At the start of the year, contractors may be looking at what the year ahead looks like and what new projects they can take on over the coming months.

The new year is a great time to realign your work and career and to take check to ensure you’re where you want to be for the future ahead. New year resolutions can give way to contractors looking at how they can maximise their income and push for bigger and better partnerships.

It’s also a great time to establish what has been achieved in the past 12 months and whether goals have been accomplished and making improvements to be able to do even better this year. A key could be to make realistic targets that stretch your capabilities but are attainable, allowing you to feel a sense of achievement throughout the year, knowing you’ve done the best that you could do.

Working as a contractor is different than being a regular employee, with the added responsibility of finding work / assignments and the very nature of temporary work. There is always the chance of change and the need to push or promote yourself for the next contract that is needed.

What could you do in 2019 to improve on last year?


Networking is always a good way for contractors to stay in the loop when it comes to finding new work. Building a network of contacts and colleagues around you will help when needing advice, references or recommendations, or simply looking for new assignments.

Work-life balance

Many people choose the contractor lifestyle due to wanting a work-life balance. Being a contractor can often mean that you work around other commitments or responsibilities whilst still working in a career environment that you love. It’s about finding a balance around those things that are important to you, having the freedom of varied hours or working days and earning a wage to live on - while doing something that is fulfilling and meaningful to you.

Boost your skill set

What better time to boost your skills to be able to offer even more services through your contracts than at the start of a year! Make 2019 a year to improve your skills and enhance qualities that could potentially make your services even more attractable to new clients. Even updating current skills can have a positive outcome, showing companies that you are up to date with the latest news, trends and qualifications.

Get your finances in order

Have you struggled in the past to keep your finances in order or up to date? Do you slip behind when it comes to finances, have a mental block or simply do not understand bookkeeping? That’s fine. Here at NWM we can help with all that! As a contractor under an umbrella we take care of all the payroll side of contracting, invoicing and chasing payments from clients, and providing you with a simple ‘wage’ at the end of the month. Forget managing your finances, and focus on what you really love to do and leave the rest to us.

Have support

The great thing about contracting is that an umbrella company can ease the burden of paperwork. Working a contractor lifestyle is great, but often having an extra pair of hands is a great help. An umbrella can offer advice and guidance where needed, meaning that you can talk contracts or situations through with a third party if required. It can be a great sounding board or place to utilise if you are used to working on your own. Never be alone in a contracting world.

NWM are here to support you in your contractor journey in 2019 and beyond. Start this year as you mean to go on and get everything in order ready to make this year a successful one. We’d love to chat with you if you’re looking to make that your new year’s resolution - let’s do this year together under the same umbrella!

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