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How To Achieve A Work Life Balance As A Contractor

Wed 18th Sep 2019
Life as a contractor has many benefits, you work on projects when they suit you, and you have the freedom and flexibility to move from assignment to assignment.

However, as a contractor you can find that the work life balance scales tip heavily towards the work side at times and this can be consuming. So how do you achieve a healthy lifestyle whilst working on projects?

Keep your work separate
Whilst the freedom of working remotely can be fantastic it can also lead to bad habits with working on passed your routine time, checking emails after dinner and picking up pieces of work at the weekend. If you work from home then try and keep your work separate by staying away from your home office, at the very least pack away any work equipment (laptops etc.) at evenings and weekends.

Find your routine
Are you an early bird or do you need longer in the day to switch on? Working within your routine will always prove productive. Set your working hours and stick to them where you can, factor in times that are also important to you like going to the gym, fitting in the school run. Whatever it is that makes you feel in control should be considered.

Switch off when you’re not working
Have you ever heard of an urgent email? It’s important to set the expectation with yourself that your time away from working should be exactly that. Turn off your notifications, switch off your phone entirely! If this seems like too big a step to begin with then challenge yourself to turning your phone off for 45-60 min segments of time and then build up to an evening.

Take some well-earned time off
As an employee of NWM, you're entitled to paid holiday, meaning you'll never be out of pocket when you take a well-deserved break. It could be a much needed day away or a full blown family holiday. Time for yourself and your loved ones is an important part of achieving a healthy work life balance.

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