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Finding your next contract on social media

Thu 23rd Nov 2017
If you have a business, you’re guaranteed to want to shout about it from the rooftops. What better way to do so then on social media? Facebook has almost two billion users and 1.86 billion monthly active users (as of the end of 2016) - and it’s only growing! If you’re currently not utilising social media, here’s the best ways to find your next contract.
First up, get yourself set up. Understand each platform and how it might work for you. If you’re in Finance, connections on LinkedIn could be very valuable to you. Here at NWM, we focus on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to reach our target audience.
Set up a Facebook Business Page with a clear logo, cover photo, description and some content. It’s important to be active and to update your Page regularly, as you’re showing potential new customers that you’re there to help. When it comes to content, consider sharing more about what you offer, recent jobs or contracts you’ve completed or even some testimonials from previous work.
Next, get savvy with how you present yourself! You can ask your current clients to leave you a review on your new Facebook Page, or onto your LinkedIn profile. Having positive reviews and testimonials is a great representation of who you are and what you do. New people that land on your social media are likely to be impressed and it will help build trust and a good reputation.
Don’t just publish content, interact! Follow businesses on Twitter, especially local ones you can build a report with such as suppliers and clients. Don’t be afraid to reply - engage with people, start conversations and always be sure to reply to comments people have taken the time to leave on your own Page too.
Finally, when you’re up and running and confident, there’s opportunities to invest in some advertising spend to get yourself seen. You can promote your posts or page on Facebook (it doesn’t have to cost a lot), and achieve some great results, especially in your local area.
Good luck – follow us on our social media networks and let us know how you get on!
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