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An Umbrella Company Is Part Of Your Business

Mon 18th Feb 2019

The hassle of changing jobs and completing paperwork, along with finding references and obtaining a P45 time after time can become quite a chore if you’re a person who enjoys a change in assignment or the variety of working with different clients.

So how can an umbrella company help you?

When you make the decision to work with an umbrella company, you in effect become an employee of that umbrella. You may think that the tie of being an employee of another company could bring yet more paperwork and hassle but actually the job of the umbrella is to simplify your working life and allow you to be more flexible and focused on what you love to do.

Becoming a contractor could be a game-changer for your career, especially if you work under an umbrella!

You are free to move from assignment to assignment, to work with varied clients and on your own time frame. You create the schedule, find your clients, create new contracts and at the end of the day the umbrella company will ensure that your clients pay their invoices and you get paid correctly under PAYE, meaning that your tax and national insurance contributions are all worked out for you too and paid to HMRC.

Here at NWM, your pay is our priority. With over 20 years of experience in the contractor industry, we are here to support you and your business. You have the safety of being employed, along with the flexibility to move between contracts as you wish to do so.

As an employee of NWM you will also reap the benefits of holiday and sickness pay meaning that you never have to be out of pocket when you need to take time off. You're also covered by comprehensive insurance policies, so you're safe in the knowledge you have the right level of protection while working with us.

Working as an umbrella contractor provides other benefits such as un-interrupted and continuous employment, which is great when it comes to finding a mortgage - many contractors struggle to find a mortgage due to gaps in between contracts. There’s no need to change agency or pay new agency fees when you change a contract, NWM is with you for the duration you need them, which also means no P45 with each contract change.

The good news is that we work with contractors across a wide range of industry sectors, even construction subcontractors within CIS. Or if you’re a limited contractor, our sister company 2020 Accountancy could be a great fit for you too.

The decision between umbrella and limited is an important one. That's why the expert team at NWM is on-hand to provide unbiased, practical advice to identify the solution that suits your needs and goals.

Still not sure? Let us help you choose .

There’s a whole host of reasons that an umbrella company could benefit you as a contractor. If you’re wondering if this could be a good working fit for you, we’d love the opportunity to speak with you. Get in touch today to discuss your situation.

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