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Tue 27th Apr 2021

IR35: Inside or Outside?

In our previous blog, we explored the new IR35 off-payroll rules that came into effect for medium and large-sized businesses in the private sector.

To recap, IR35 means that when engaged via an intermediary (a limited company or personal services company) ...

Mon 19th Apr 2021

IR35 Reforms: Why a Blanket Ban on Contractors is a Mistake

New IR35 off-payroll rules for medium and larger-sized businesses came into effect this April, following a 2017 roll-out for the public sector.

The reform sees responsibility transferred from private sector contractors to the companies that employ them ...

Mon 15th Mar 2021

What can freelancers and contractors expect in 2021?

With 2020 creating waves in the freelance world, first with the COVID-19 pandemic, followed by Brexit and the IR35 reform, we wanted to look into some of the things that freelancers and contractors can expect to see in 2021.

Increase ...

Mon 8th Mar 2021

What’s the difference between Umbrella and PEO?

As the IR35 reform draws nearer, many freelancers and companies are searching for ways to manage the transition. One of the ways people are preparing for this change is through working with an umbrella company or PEO.

Working with one ...

Fri 8th Jan 2021

NWM Are Now Accredited by the FCSA!

Over the last twenty years, we have been committed to providing unmatched services to our contractors and recruitment partners. Now, we are thrilled to announce that our efforts in upholding these standards have been recognised by the UK’s leading membership ...
Fri 20th Nov 2020


In 2019, the average household energy bill cost £1,184, according to an Ofgem report. This year, with more people than ever working from home due to the pandemic, this price is sure to go up. With heating across the nation ...
Wed 30th Sep 2020

Working remotely or remotely working?

If you have been working from home throughout the pandemic crisis you may have struggled to stay motivated but you are absolutely not on your own.

Many of us started the beginning of lockdown assuming that we would be working ...

Mon 28th Sep 2020

Winter Economy Plan

The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, has delivered a statement to the House of Commons outlining plans to help protect jobs across the UK whilst the country faces a resurgence of coronavirus and a winter of uncertainty. It has also been ...

Fri 28th Aug 2020


With summer coming to an end and the last quarter of this year starting we feel now is the perfect time to begin speaking with your accountant about your self-assessment tax return.

January 2021 may seem a while away but ...

Mon 3rd Aug 2020


Moving from employment to contracting can feel like a huge step. Once you have decided it’s the right thing for you then starting out in the strongest way will set you on your way for a successful career. Here are some ...
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