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Wed 14th Nov 2018

The Take Home Pay Calculator - An Essential Tool For Contracting

If you’re new to contracting, you may not know what a contracting take home pay calculator is, and why it’s important to planning out your financial year. You’ll soon discover that if used correctly, it can help plan your finances ...

Wed 17th Oct 2018

Questions to Ask Before Becoming an Umbrella Contractor

Making the decision to leave regular employment and become a contractor can be a difficult decision and depending on your circumstances a hard one if you don’t have all the facts. If you’re wondering whether becoming a contractor is the ...

Wed 26th Sep 2018

Maternity Rights For An Umbrella Contractor

If you are a contractor working under an umbrella company, by law you are classed as an employee of that umbrella company and therefore entitled to either Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) as long as you meet the essential criteria, or ...

Mon 24th Sep 2018

How Can Recruiters Benefit From Using An Umbrella Company?

As a recruitment agency it’s important that you are managing your client’s payments effectively to ensure a smooth working relationship between agency and worker. Also, with recent news and legislation and the fact that some companies have been paying workers ...

Wed 5th Sep 2018

Umbrella Company – Contractor Flexibility Around School Hours

The choice to work around school hours is a big decision when you have a family and an important one to factor into your working life. Missing out on special memories or ‘1st’ moments can be upsetting and can be ...

Thu 9th Aug 2018

How To Write A Winning CV As A Contractor

Having a well-written CV will do wonders for anyone seeking a new contract, therefore, spending time creating that great CV is important if you want to be successful in your next contract application.

Deciding to move on and to change ...

Mon 23rd Jul 2018

Why use an umbrella service

If you are a contractor looking to manage your workload and generally work in a more efficient way, working under an umbrella company may be an option worth investigating.

An umbrella company can provide a compliant and low-risk alternative to ...

Wed 4th Jul 2018

Re-evaluate Your Take-Home Pay

You’ve worked hard all month, you’re busy building a business, you have contracts lined up but are you taking home the pay that you expected to at the end of it all?

Evaluate your situation Taking a step back to re-evaluate ...

Wed 27th Jun 2018

Flexibility or Pay - What’s important to UK workers

Recent studies show that more and more people are looking to ditch the 9-5 office working and chase after the work-from-home contractor solution. With hours spent in commuting and the expense relating with that, it’s suggested that UK workers are ...

Mon 25th Jun 2018

NWM Launches Their New Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website! The change comes as we rebrand our business model and look to partner on a closer level with our sister company 2020 Accountancy. The two companies provide umbrella and ...
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